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SwedishHospital.com 7 Outstanding care for women with breast cancer It’s accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). “That’s important because it means our program has gone through a rigorous evaluation,” Johnson says. “If you’re a patient at an NAPBC-accredited facility, you know it’s high-quality care.” Patient cases are reviewed by an interdisciplinary team. Every week patient cases are presented to a team of: + + Medical and radiation oncologists. + + Breast surgeons. + + Plastic surgeons. + + Pathologists. + + Breast radiologists. “That’s where the treatment plan for each individual is created,” Johnson explains. “When a patient consults with any of our specialists, they are in effect getting a consult from an entire team of experts whose focus is breast cancer.” 1 2 Clinical trials may be an option. “Clinical trials aren’t a part of every patient’s treatment, but for some women they’re really important,” Johnson says. “They offer additional treatment options that might not be available elsewhere.” A high level of support is always available. “We have a general support group for women with breast cancer, but we have found that the most effective support we can provide is very individualized,” Johnson says. “The nurse navigators assess each patient’s distress and apply the best resource for that individual patient. And that might be a support group. Or it might be that a patient really needs a higher level of support. That’s why we partner with resources in the community. We’re dedicated to making sure our patients are teamed up with the right resource for them.” Nurse navigators are there to help. “We have several breast cancer nurse navigators who get involved with the patient prior to diagnosis and all the way through to survivorship,” Johnson says. Nurse navigators work as the patient’s advocate, doing whatever is needed to help ease the stress of cancer. For instance, that might mean making medical appointments for a woman, working with her insurance company or answering questions she may have about treatment. 4 5 reasons why Swedish excels at treating breast cancer Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer in U.S. women. Which means chances are you know someone—a loved one, a friend, a co-worker—who’s been diagnosed with the disease. At Swedish Medical Center, we provide a comprehensive breast cancer treatment program that helps guide women, physically and emotionally, through their entire cancer journey. Here are five things Kelly Johnson, MS, RN, administrative director of oncology services, thinks every woman should know about breast cancer care at Swedish: Here to help you conquer! We want to help you conquer breast cancer and thrive! Learn more about our innovative and compassionate breast cancer program: Contact a nurse navigator at 303-788-2748 or visit SwedishHospital.com/breast . 3 5